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19 November 2006 @ 08:47 pm
there's nothing to do around this place. i'm extremely bored to such and extent that i am actually writing in my LJ EVERY day! Whoa... i'm alarming myself... anyway Kealy got moved to my History class...that was odd. she mañana gets in commotion!!! Well anyway miss jones is now addicted to pop quizzes which she now oftenly gives every time we revisit class. and miss dave! well she's getting better with her "attitude"...so...i'm now happy. all i have to do is sit by Hyngie and there! i'm perfect! soon she'll grow to love me as everyone has! or the preponderance of the student body.
18 November 2006 @ 09:59 pm
J: yes chris................the queen of hearts. i designed one today, very haute couture. *audience claps*

me: *chris claps as well*

J: *takes a deep bow. roses are chunked at me.*

me: :D LOL

J: *rose with thorn is chunked at me, waves fist madly and kicks it back to anonymous dude*

me: *laughs out loud*

J: *HARK!!!!! i see who threw the rose!!! Chris? gasps!!! OMG!!!!! how could uuuuuuuuu???? my eye has been poked out!!!!**

me: *runs to Julie's aid* *Julie slaps me and then falls of the stage*

J: *waves hand madly around, falls off stage and on top of chris. YAY! u broke the fall!*

me: *gets up and punches Julie in the eye*

J: *is suddenly blind, BUT kicks chris's leg until broken.*

me: *leg is broken, BUT punches Julie's arm off*

J: *rips off chris's head. laughs triumphantly. suddenly jennifer jumps in and rips of chris's hair.*

me: *suddenly Jennifer remembers that i have no hair, and Chirs punches her and she cries. Julie trys to puch Chris but mises and Chris hits Julie with decapitated arm.

J: *ms.g hobbles in.*

me: *chris and julie double team ms.g*

J: *julie kicks ms. g's HAIR EXTENSIONS off and falls into chris's hair.chris now has hair!*

me: *chris straitens hair and looks in pocket mirror*

J: *julie falls on ms. g and starts laughing. ms.g faints and jennifer starts to laugh too.*

me: *chris pulls Jen's hair and then pushes her on Julie* *M.s g grabs for her extensions.*

J: *julie wobbles around and chris starts glueing extensions to his head. ms.g screams*

me: *ms.g suddenly tears out extentions from chris's head8 * *chris punchs ms.g and steps on julie's shoe before she can get to it*

J: *gasps and throws Ms.G's ugly lady-bug-obsession accesories at Chris*

me: *gets hit with accesories* *punches Julie before she can get to her shoe*

J: *gasps and throws other shoe at chris's head. Chris falls and takes Chris's shoes and throws out of the window. Smiles while standing on top of Ms. G*

me: *knocks Julie off ms. g and tugs on Julie's head*

J: *usesms. g to hit chris with. ms. g screams in pain. so does chris after being hurt with the lady-bug-obsession accessories.*

me: *steps on ms. g and picks up one of the roses that were thrown at Julie and throws it at her eye.*

J: *Julie smiles because she has EYE PROTECTION!!! ***glasses*** laughs loudly at Chris and throws at CHRIS's EYE!! AND he has no eye protection whatsoever!!!*

me: *chris moves out the way and remembers and takes Julies glasses off and punches her in the eye*

J: *screams and walks around !!!BLIND!!!*

me: *laughs in Julie's face*

J: * realizes chris MADE FUN OF ME!!! and punched him and made him blind. says," WHAT NOW FOOL???" in creepy ghetto voice*

me: *covers eyes but trips Julie before she can say another word!*

J: * (no words come out of poor julie's mouth*

me: *laughs at julie*

J: *Hits wildly until she hits Chris. Laughs evil witch laugh and sticks a gag into Chris's mouth. Chris spits out and Julie throws stale Albersons bread at Chris's mouth. Is stuck.*

me: *Chris pulls out bread and spits on it. Then he spreads it on Julie's just-washed-face*

J: *GASPS!! NO NOT MY GREEN TEA FACE WASH!!!!!!! IS MAD!! PUTS a tube of plaque (??) onto chris's just brushed teeth and smothers on braces.*

me: *spits out the plaque on julie's face and dumps water on Jul!*

J: *Julie uses water to wash off plaque on julie's face!
Grabs decapiatated chicken and throws at Chris*

me: *instead of cooking chicken, chris grabs chicken and throws little peices at Julie with the help of Emril Lagasee "BAM"*
18 November 2006 @ 09:42 am
D: yo yo yo wat up

me: stop looking at me. lol.

D: looking? r u paranoid? how ya doin

me: Is this dominique from westdale?

D: yes

me: oh. hello.

D: peace dawg hows u doin;how many gf u had;etc

me: what? Are you psycho? can you type? What are you talking about?

D: u know wat;u r such a wiener;u r a psycho too;u cant;how many girlfriends hav u had

me: that's none of your business. And I am not a wiener..you are using semicolons incorrectly. You're the wiener. as a matter of fact, how may girlfriends have you had, nosey?

D: cool down i was jus askin;yes u r;i dont care;well u r a sausage;3[kindergarden,first,and second]none ever sense and im great;peace

me: hm...okay and you are using brackets incorrectly as well...0_0
16 November 2006 @ 08:21 pm
Livejournal's Next Top Model is fabulous. And so is Nina. ^^
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